Music therapy

I’m studying music therapy at the University of Pécs, Hungary. My current research is creating an interactive concert program with elements of workshops and music therapy.
My response to AI is IA – InterAction. A non-digital exprience of connecting through music.

InterAction Project Debut with Nora Thiele:
11.11.23. Queens, Brussels
20.03.24. Zeneakadémia, Budapest

Classical collaborations

I believe that the voice is a universal instrument. Although my background is jazz, I have
worked many times with classical musicians and orchestras in order to find a new sound for well known repretoires, as well as premiering new pieces by contemporary composers.

Some of my most important collaborations:
Debussy NOW! – available on BMC Records. Live concert here. Classical:NEXT Innovation
Award Nominee.
Schubert NOW! – coming in 2024 on BMC Records
Schönberg: Pierrot Lunaire with Classicus Ensemble
Berio: Folk Songs with Concerto Budapest
Stéphane Orlando: Night Falls – short movie. Winner Best Performances at Experimental,
Dance & Music Film Festival, Toronto
Máté Balogh: Folk Songs 1913 with the Győr Philharmonic Orchestra’s musicians
Vit Kristan: Mandala with the Prague Radio Orchestra

Experimental. Dance and Music Film Festival 2023 - Night Falls
Experimental. Dance and Music Film Festival 2023 - Night Falls
Classical: NEXT Innovation Award Nominee 2023
Classical: NEXT Innovation Award Nominee 2023


Guitarist Bálint Gyémánt is my longtime musical partner. Whether in duo or in quartet with
Nicolas Thys and Antoine Pierre, our concert program is a sequence of original
compositions, drawing an arch from reality to dreams and back.
Our latest album About Time is out on Jazzhaus Records. Live videos here.

My ongoing collaborations in the field of jazz also include the Modern Art Orchestra, Kris
Defoort’s Peices of Peace and guitarist Gábor Gadó’s Sextet.


I always loved to make music for dancing. Whether it is a collab with contemporary dancers,
or a concert that allows me to dance on stage, I’m in. My current focus in this genre is
Next.Ape, a psychedelic pop band lead by Belgian drummer Antoine Pierre.
Next.Ape’s debut album The Fourth Wall is out.


Veronika Harcsa Music