Queens, Brussels (BE) / Veronika Harcsa InterAction feat. Nora Thiele


November 11


19:30 - 21:00

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Queens Brussels

Jazz and contemporary singer Veronika Harcsa is currently studying music therapy at the University of Pécs, with the goal of creating an interactive concert experience of a new format, letting the audience reconnect with the joy of making sound, as part of the compositions. Since the beginning of mankind people have used music to connect to themselves and to each other. In recent times some genres required a silent audience, but that needn’t always be the case. Everyone who is able to make sound can provide simple layers of music, and when those layers are added up, they can display a beautiful complexity of emotions.
In Harcsa’s new project listeners are gently invited to join the haunting melodies in order to create the musical atmospheres together, and to dive into collective improvisation. The audience has the chance to actively connect to the heartfelt stories being set to song. Veronika’s partner on stage is renown German world music percussionist Nora Thiele.
In a world of ever growing AI dominance the creators of this project believe in the power of IA – human InterAction.